Why Invest in Time and Attendance Management Software?

High amount of absenteeism is never beneficial for any business. It often leads to delay in daily work and is a key factor for businesses missing out on their long term goals. Hence, it is crucial for businesses to properly maintain employee attendance. Using HR tools such as attendance management software can help improve the overall process. 

Attendance management software allows businesses to accurately track and manage employee leaves, time offs and daily attendance. Such tools can also help streamline the payroll process of your business as well.

Since these software offer automation capabilities, it also helps reduce unnecessary burden and mistakes that is common with most of the manual methods used by most of the small to medium size businesses since a long time.

In this article, we take a brief look at the reasons why traditional methods do not work and why your business should avoid it. Further we look at how attendance management software can help overcome such challenges. 

Traditional Methods

A lot of businesses, especially start-ups and small businesses tend to avoid investing money on such HR tools. It is either to save money or to avoid the complexity that comes with it, which isn’t the case. Relying on traditional methods not only leaves a huge room for mistakes and losses but it also reduces the productivity of your HR department. 


Recording attendance on physical documents and files is one of the most common and old methods used in organizations. It might work if you have only 5-10 employees, since the chances of making mistakes at such a small scale is not possible.

But for businesses with a larger workforce, recording attendance using documents is not reliable. There is always a possibility of errors, mistakes and it will only place an unnecessary burden on your HR manager. And losing or misplacing the physical document or files is another major reason to avoid such methods. 


Another common method that is being used to this day to record employee attendance. Although it works, there is an additional cost of maintaining the machine itself. If at any point, there is a malfunction, your business won’t have any options to record daily attendance of your employees. 

Issues like this can create an opportunity for time thefts which may lead to losses for your business. Further, due to errors, you might not be able to accurately process payroll of employees on time.


Spreadsheets are common in most of the small businesses, but is not a reliable method to record attendance as your business experiences growth. This is essentially like a data entry task, which is repetitive and boring.

If your HR managers are spending most of their valuable time doing repetitive tasks, their motivation might take a toll. Further, they won’t get any time to work on building meaningful strategies for the business, which is essentially a waste of their talents and capabilities.

Attendance Management Software Benefits 

As you might have noticed, the traditional methods of tracking employee time are not ideal and effective. Investing in attendance management software will allow businesses to overcome these challenges.


There is always a possibility of errors and mistakes with traditional methods. Using a tool that can automate most of the repetitive tasks can help HR managers to avoid such mistakes. This will help increase the overall accuracy of the process, making it easier to process employees payroll on time. 


Making mistakes in recording employee attendance can cost your business a lot. With attendance management software, you can avoid common problems such as report errors, absenteeism, buddy punching, time theft and paying employees more than they worked for.


Since the software will take over all the repetitive tasks from the HR, they will have ample time to work on building meaningful strategies that can push the business towards the right direction. Further, these tools are built with precision in mind, so you can rest assured that it can automatically track and record employee attendance with errors. 


There is no point of having a lot of data if you cannot put it to good use. With a time and attendance management software, your business can gather detailed insights about how employees are spending their time in the office. With custom reports, you can work towards building strategy to reduce absenteeism in the office, which will help increase productivity.