Which Is Best Choice for You – Graphic Designing or Web Designing?

Are you a creative person? Do your friends and family regularly come for advice on colors and designs? If so, explore opportunities in the world of design. There are several fields that fall within the scope of the design industry. If you’re considering combining your love of technology with your passion for design, it’s probably overwhelming to decide whether to become a graphic designer or a web designer. It is essential to have an understanding of both disciplines so that you can choose the right career option.

What is the job of a graphic designer?

The job of a graphic designer is to create attractive images to meet growing business or promotional needs.

Web designer

Web designers help to create and customize all available aspects of a website, including content, graphics, etc.

Education must become a graphic designer

To find a lucrative job for graphic design, the candidate has to complete a graphic design course. There are institutes that offer courses in this field, like Bachelor of Fine Arts, Diploma in Visual Communication, etc.

Education must become a web designer.

Web designers usually have a background in visual communication and visual arts. It is important to learn HTML coding to become a good web designer.

Jobs available

If we talk about the graphic designer, there is no shortage of good graphic works abroad. The graphic designer has a wide variety of different creative mediums, such as advertising, marketing companies, electronic media, exhibitions, etc. After gaining experience, you can also work as a layout editor at a reputable magazine. In addition, you can also explore opportunities in the education sector, where you can teach design to students. Experienced designers easily find freelance work and also create their own advice.

Similarly, when we talk about web designers, there are opportunities in diversified fields, as today; almost all companies create their own websites to expand their customer base. From non-profit organizations and government agencies to retail and service providers, you can find jobs in almost every field.

The salary package

  • As a graphic designer: You can earn an average of maximum pounds per year.
  • As a web designer: You can earn an average of lower than graphic designer pounds per year.

In addition to formal training in graphics, there are some courses such as art history, writing, foreign language, sociology, cultural studies, psychology, business, and marketing that are effective in understanding the complexities of graphic design.

This is the job of the graphic designer to make sense out of thoughts and ideas. When an idea is expressed, it is the job of the graphic designer to present it on paper and a suitable combination of graphics medium. This can be achieved with animated images and presentations, which can also include audio.

Creative department 

After the client gives a rough idea of ​​the project and their expectations, the creative team is committed to testing different ideas and techniques to achieve a positive end result. Although most creative people work in teams in advertising agencies and various publications, the graphic designer can do the work independently.

Changes in the industry and the weakening of these established paths coincided with a large influx of graphic design graduates falling out of the art institutions. Many new technologies now have their place in the curriculum. During the first year of a four-year course, students are expected to learn a large number of basic skills. It ranges from traditional printing to understanding new media.

The requirement for students to be multidisciplinary in the context of gradually overlapping the roles of technicians, programmers, and designers means that less time is spent on developing their individual creativity. Students of today often assume that solutions to visual problems can be solved using the technology at their disposal, rather than through their own knowledge and skills. It has become the responsibility of discipline tutors to encourage students to find creative skills-based solutions to visual problems and to further facilitate the student’s personal exploration of creativity through the process of creative thinking.

We realized that technology has significantly changed the way students and tutors value the basics of design. In today’s graphics education, the computer has almost replaced the basic tools of commerce. The new technology provides simultaneous control over different components of the design; however, it is important to remember that computers are not designers. The biggest mistake made in this profession today is to use a certain template in a software package to complete a job. Actually, a stencil is just a guideline and should only be used to achieve the final design; in other words, a stencil is a tool to sculpt the masterpiece.

As we reflect on this, we need to develop study plans that encourage students in the early part of their careers to explore their abilities. When planning our study plans, it must be remembered that many students who participate in Art and Design courses do not have a good background in the field.


Our goal is to do this because we believe that while teaching art and design, students should be encouraged to search within themselves, within their creative thinking to provide the answers, and not just rely on a computer to design for them to manufacture. In the same way, students need to learn when and how to use the right software. Students must be taught visual literacy and be able to recognize true creativity as opposed to madness. Simply understanding how to use certain software to create a design does not make one a designer.

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I respect technology and welcome the progress it is making in the field. There is a place for graphic design that is influenced by technology. However, I believe that fostering creativity, the design process, and its principles are important.

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