6 Different Types of Video Content & Their Uses

In the modern world of endless opportunities and possibilities, video content has a vast scope and uses. Primarily, the types of video content and their respective uses depend on where are they going to be used.

For example, a video to market a new startup may be hosted through a different marketing channel as to one promoting an educational event or a concert performance. Therefore, videos vary in their content and usage.

Below we will take a look at the 6 different types of videos and their uses:

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the most popular type of videos that are being made nowadays. Explainer video production companies are doing a great job at it since all new businesses require a great explainer video.

Explainer videos do exactly what their name suggests – explain whatever your business brings to people such as products and services.

Explainer videos help new viewers to quickly understand what you’re selling in the shortest and most efficient way possible.

2. Educational Videos

Educational videos are also very popular and contain a very wide spectrum of the type of videos created under this name. Such videos actually educate users about a particular thing.

Popular examples of good educational videos are, but not limited to videos that can introduce them to new products, technologies, services, social phenomenon, academic, political, economic and legal elements.

It is best to say that educational videos are the broadest type of videos with a vast scope and application or usage. The majority of videos tend to offer some sort of information to viewers and clients – therefore, bringing those videos also under this umbrella in a peculiar way.

3. Documentary Videos

Documentaries are a type of specialized educational videos that generally focus on a specific topic. The focus is aimed towards providing the viewing audience with an in-depth understanding of the topic on which the documentary is made.

Documentaries can be found for different genres such as music, drama, theatre, world wars, controversies etc.

4. Product Videos

Another popular type of video content nowadays being surfaced by new and established brands are product videos.

Product videos are great at introducing products that have been added by a business. It contains highlights such as:

  • Product features
  • Product pros (and cons, which will be made by another person, usually)
  • Product value
  • Product price

5. Branding Videos

Branding videos are the transitional video created to convey brand value and vision. Such type of videos is really great which are made on a story-focused production method that conveys brand value.

There is a difference between a branding video and an explainer video. While explainer videos will usually explain entirely what a company does and what products or services it offers, a branding video will convey the message of the brand as to why is the business doing what it does.

This message may extend beyond the motives of profit earning and regular business activities.

6. Testimony Videos

Such type of videos are testimonies based on the reviews of someone who has used a product or service in the past. Such reviews are recorded and then presented in a video format.

These videos are created to increase public confidence by providing testimonials of customers in the past who have used their products or services, to attract new customers.

7. Social Media Animation Videos

Such types of videos are animated videos particularly made for social media platforms such as Facebook, youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. through social media animation videos businesses are promoting their product, services,  mobile application, etc. social media animation videos since past years have increased in numbers as not only the brands but entrepreneurs, small businesses, news media agency using animated videos as their video marketing strategy.

Especially on Youtube brands using animated commercials for youtube ad marketing, Moreover YouTubers are availing this opportunity for their youtube monetization by uploading animated videos on their youtube channel. The reason why social media animation is increasing is their being unique which provides animators a broad range of effects to include in a video such as sound effects, interactive visuals, and a chance to convey a message in a new way. There are lots of software and online tools which provide free opportunity to create an animated video with most of the variety of characters and templates.

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