The Best Software to Monitor Snapchat Activities

The Best Software to Monitor Snapchat Activities

Snapchat’s use has gone wider among the youth in the last few years. It is the most liked social networking platform of the youth for a long. More than 250 million users are registered over the network, and the platform is likely to hit the 300 million mark by the end of 2020.

This was due to the number of features that the app provides to its users that amuse them. The kids and teens are very fond of using Snapchat; the app allows to add stories to the account that are seen by the contacts, the app allows to add filters to the pictures, the users can chat individually or in the form of a group.

Moreover, voice notes can be exchanged among the users; the users can make VoIP and video calls.

These features are liked by the kids and teens but, with the good comes the bad. It is reported that Snapchat using kids and teens are more prone to be a victim of harassment and cyberbullying because a large number of users over the platform are unverified. They stalk the kids and look to exploit them in one way or the other.

The parents look to protect the kids from the dangers of using Snapchat. They sometimes look to have a chat with the kids, but kids do not share their problems related to cyberbullying or harassment with parents, owing to the fear of credibility loss.

There is a more pressing part of the story; Snapchat is home to the circulation of inappropriate content among the groups. The kids sometimes indulge in the content that affects their academic, moral, and social life.

In this scenario, the kids can only be protected by incorporating a spy app. A good Snapchat spy app covers all the dynamics of Snapchat spying that the parents need. We have explored a number of facilities but found the TheOneSpy as the best software to monitor Snapchat.

TheOneSpy was found in 2014 and aimed at serving parents for addressing their spy needs. The app is compatible to be used with Android and iPhone devices. All the current Android and iOS versions are supported.

The TheOneSpy is the best software to monitor Snapchat in many ways; it does all the spying with no hint to the target user, as the smallest of disruptions may trigger inappropriate behavior from the child.

So, we will have a look over the app’s offerings.

TheOneSpy – Best Software to Monitor Snapchat

Spying the Chats of Snapchat

All the chats of Snapchat can be spied on by the parent. The parent can monitor all the group and one-on-one chats to know the pattern of communication, to find out if there is any suspicious communication that can affect the quality of life.

Upon finding any unsuitable conversation, the parent can restrict the specific contact to access the child by blocking the contact.

Spying the Multimedia

The images and videos exchanged over the individual chats and groups are in full control of the end-user. The parent can know the quality of communication among the kid’s network and thus can take steps to improve the communication if found inappropriate.

Spying the Voice Notes

The TheOneSpy software to monitor Snapchat can spy on the voice notes shared by the kids to their contacts. The voice notes can be listened to in real-time by the end-user.

Monitoring the VoIP and Video Calls

Snapchat offers VoIP calls feature to its users. The Snapchat monitoring software allows to listen to all the VoIP calls in real-time without any hassle; these calls can also be recorded for later reference if the end-user is not available to monitor on hand.

The video calls can also be tracked in real-time; these calls can also be recorded and saved for later usage.

Monitoring Stories

The app allows monitoring all the stories and statuses shared with the network, the parent, if found, something inappropriate to be shared with the network can remove the same.


I have conducted a comprehensive review of TheOneSpy software to monitor Snapchat; it is found that the app furnishes the best spying facility, by all means, and covers all the dynamics of a Snapchat spy. It serves all the needs of the parents to spy on kids.