Multiple Domain Hosting Subscription. Why Does It Make Sense?

Multiple Domain Hosting Subscription. Why Does It Make Sense?

You already have a website, and now you want to expand the web presence by launching a new site. Multi-domain hosting helps you in this endeavor. Even, if you had multiple websites spread over the different hosting plans, you can opt for Linux hosting service from a leading provider and consolidate them into one hosting account.

Low Cost of Hosting

Having a single account for hosting multiple sites comes at a low cost as compared to hosting new sites on different accounts. For instance, you want to host three websites in different hosting packages. If a single site hosting plan costs ‘X’ amount, you would end up paying ‘3X’ for the entire package. Instead, if you subscribe to a multi-domain hosting account, it would come at a significantly lower cost. Everything will be in one place, and it is easy to manage the different sites easily. Switching the domain names is easy, and it is easy to distribute time to each of them.

Content Management Is Easy

The time-saving benefit of multi-site and multi-domain setups applies to content management as well. In a multi-domain setup, a single content editing interface can update different sites and content pieces. The content management is far more streamlined and simpler. It is easy to publish content to many domains or across the sites. The single sign-on ensures that you can log-in to all the sites with a single user-id and password.

Creating and Configuring Sites Is Easy

With the simplicity of one account to manage, it is easy to create sites using the online builder, or by uploading the files. Hence, a multi-site or multi-domain setup reduces the cost of maintenance and development. The time-to-go-live is also reduced along with the content management efforts.


It also helps in making the marketing efforts more standardized as adhering to the brand guidelines becomes unified and straightforward. For large organizations, it is incredibly helpful. When there is a single hosting account for different sites, the brand managers can ensure that the brand palate is used consistently across different sites.

It also ensures that the team is using structured tools and templates. It makes sure that all the content management is being done in a standardized manner and that the branding guidelines are adhered to by the use of the template.

Easy Maintenance

Another significant benefit of subscribing to multiple domain hosting is the ability to handle the different elements of the business from a single control panel. The team can manage the domain names, features, follow, and overview the web-traffic as well. Further, the various domain names that have been registered can be managed separately under the same plan.

The Control panel is an important application that comes with the hosting plan. Hence it is crucial to be clear about the hosting needs right from the start and what is required to reach the desired goals. Control panels make creating websites and business management simple. It is why multi-domain hosting providers should be chosen carefully ensuring that the features align with your needs.

Better Customer Support

With multiple domain hosting, you are better prepared to offer the customers quality support. With benefits like unlimited email addresses, you can handle the queries in a better way. In a single hosting plan, disk-space is limited, and hosting more than one domain is not possible due to limited disk space. However, there is no such restriction with multiple domain hosting. It will make updating the site, expanding the reach, and enhancing the online presence fast and easy.

Beneficial for Visitors Or Users

Using multi-domain hosting, you can have multiple sites that are beneficial for the users. It is especially helpful for companies that have a different brand or different product and service offerings. If you are a diversified business with many companies, it makes more sense to have separate domains for each company or the brand. However, further use of multiple sites for each product or service of the company doesn’t make much sense.

Multi-Domain Hosting Makes Sense

It helps to carve a separate online presence for each company which makes business sense. Technically, managing multiple sites in a single domain is easy. Further, the brand palate can be better controlled and monitored. Implement and reap numerous benefits of many-in-one site hosting using Linux hosting service Read More

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