MCKESSON iKnowMed EHR Software: Top EHR for Oncology Practices

MCKESSON iKnowMed EHR Software

What is an EHR Software?

EHR softwares is used commonly all over the world now. In North America, these can be found at every other practice. If you are currently not using an EHR system or are considering a change from what you have been using, then you are in the right place. In this piece we will talk extensively about MCKESSON IKNOWMED EMR Software and how it is useful especially for Oncologists. There are general EHRs which have different templates for different specializations. However, iKnowMed EHR Software is specifically designed to serve oncologists and hematologists! This makes it ideal to use in an oncology practice. So if you are an oncologist looking for the perfect software for your practice to help manage it iknowmed generation 2 EHR might be the one that fits the bill. However, we will let you decide if this is the case by reading about the various features of the software below. 


One of the most tiresome things a doctor faces is making prescriptions especially for patients who come all the way just to collect a single piece of paper. However with iknowmed generation 2 ehr, you avoid this inconvenience entirely. The software is equipped with the feature for e-prescriptions which let you make prescriptions virtually and send them to a pharmacy nearest to the patient which they can then go to and collect their medication from. With cancer patients, having them constantly go back and forth for prescriptions and jump through unnecessary hoops to do so is not a good idea. But with the help of the iknowmed ehr features, you can make it convenient to collect medications for both you and the patient. And since the prescription is sent directly to the pharmacy you do not have to worry about it falling into the wrong hands or being abused since the entire method takes into account those who might use prescriptions illegally. There are plenty of security measures in place to avoid any issues. 

Diagnose and Stage

This EMR is specifically to use for oncologists. The iknowmed generation 2 ehr has specific features which allow for you to ensure that you can give cancer patients the best and most advanced care possible. It helps you diagnose and stage cancer for you patients. The software uses AJCC and FIGO staging criteria to help determine the course of action and treatment for the patient and helps you figure out what your next step should be. The treatments are inducted from both the NCCN and Guidelines and Value Pathways powered by NCCN which are undoubtedly the leaders in this field. 

Cloud Based

Another huge perk of this system is that it can be accessed anywhere in the world. And it can be accessed on any type of device; smartphones, tablets and computers alike. This makes it easier for you to access patient history and records if you need to in an emergency. The iknowmed emr can be accessed by you when you are anywhere. And as an Oncologist this is very helpful. Cancer patients sometimes face issues for which they have to rush to the nearest ER and as their oncologist you can be called and asked about their medical history and what drugs they have been prescribed so they can be treated accordingly. Of course, you cannot remember everything verbally on your own and being able to access their records because of iknowmed emr is a lifesaver in such situations. Sometimes cancer patients crash and you have to rush to a hospital you are unfamiliar with to administer treatment and with this cloud based accessibility feature, you can easily do so and access your patients medical records in no time at all and be able to provide them with appropriate care. 

Lab Results

One of the most helpful iknowmed ehr features is the integration of lab results of different kinds into the system. It has functions where laboratory, radiology, pathology can all be integrated into the software and accessed easily. As an oncologist before you make a diagnosis, you need to have a lot of information in front of you and that requires testing. You can have all their tests be sent to your software from the labs directly so no time is wasted in the patient bringing the results to you. Other than that, you also have their results added to their files so you can review them easily. A lot of iknowmed ehr reviews talk about how helpful this feature is. 

Patient History

Patient history is very important especially when dealing with cancer patients. You need to know what treatments have been tried and what their vitals have been like and what their general health has been like. This helps you look at the case holistically in every patient interaction since the software gives you their history in their file right there for you to consult. A lot of oncologists in iknowmed ehr reviews talk about how this feature saves you a lot of time. 

Why iKnowMed is Perfect for Oncology

This software was specifically made for oncologists and caters to your every need. We suggest you request a iknowmed EHR demo from the vendor to see how it suits your needs and only purchase it when you think it is helpful to you and your practice. If you do not want to get a demo, even a iknowmed EHR tutorial would give you a glimpse into the software. If the features above entice you and sound like what you need, then we highly suggest that you go ahead with this software.

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