How To Read More: A Breakdown Of Austin Kleon Secret 6 Tips

How To Read More: A Breakdown Of Austin Kleon 6 Tips

It is a fact that for becoming a good writer, you need to be a good reader first. If your job is to write or you work for dissertation writing services where you need fresh ideas then, it is very important for you to read something daily. Bestselling author Austin Kleon gives 6 quick tips on how to read more. With some, I agree while with others I don’t. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Throw Your Phone Out Of The Window

This tip is emotional but not rational. Besides, you can hurt someone, and what about iBook, Bookmate, and Google? The phone allows access to all the books in the world. And you should not throw your phone away, but just make yourself a rule – not to be distracted while reading. Airplane mode can save you from all reminders, alerts, and notifications. You can also periodically train your ability to concentrate in this way.

For example, put a small object in front of you and see how long you can stay focused on other thoughts. The ability to concentrate can and should be trained. And phones, books, and people should not be thrown away.

2. Carry A Book With You At All Times

A hundred times yes! Papers do not run out of battery, they can be read on the plane during takeoff and landing. You can easily read it in a cafe. If the book is hard to carry, then you can cut out the pages with the articles that you want to read from the magazines, and then throw them away.

When we buy a magazine, we rarely have time to read it cover to cover. But you can view the content, select the most interesting articles, and cut sheets. If the article is printed on multiple sheets, you can staple them together. And when planning your day, figure out where you will have time for reading. A couple of sheets will not add weight to your bag or backpack at all, but you will get useful information.

How To Read More: A Breakdown Of Austin Kleon Secret 6 Tips

3. Decide Which Book Will Be Next

Create a queue of books “to read” or “to download.” If you are interested in a book, it is better to immediately add it to your reading list. So that you can avoid a situation where you are not able to remember which book you had to read. Therefore, the easiest way to do this is to make a list of books you are going to read.

4. If You Don’t Like The Book, Drop It Immediately

In my opinion, this is somehow very uncompromising. There are two options. If you don’t like the book you can increase the motivation to read by looking for analogies, associations from real life, and get maximum benefit. Or you can drop it as nobody is going to ask you whether you have read it or not.

5. Schedule One Hour Of Reading Every Day

People don’t just write books, there are hundreds of hours of experience and effort by the author in each book. Read through the eyes of a writer; immerse yourself in the proposed circumstances, plots, and historical times with your head. To feel in these little black letters all the inherent meaning of every cell of your body and brain.

A book can bring about a powerful experience if you immerse yourself in it. Read actively, laugh with the author, act out dialogues with intonations in your head, hold your breath if the hero has gone underwater. Live the book. It can be cooler than any delicious meal, blockbuster, or even meeting many people.

6. Start A Blog And Share Your Thoughts

I agree with this advice 90 percent. It’s not necessary to start a blog, but it is imperative to share your thoughts on what you read. You can do this on Facebook or Instagram, i.e. platforms you already use. For example, you can provide your reviews on assignment writing help available online after doing your own research on various similar websites. This information can be useful for other people who are looking to get similar services.

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