How to Put Gasoline without Catching Coronavirus in 2020

Stay Alert While Putting Gas at Gas Station

They have already told us how we should circulate with the car, and what we can and cannot do when we take our vehicles to avoid a fine that can range from 600 to 600,000 euros. But how should we act when putting gasoline to avoid contagion by coronavirus?

If you are one of those who, despite being quarantined, must travel to your job every day, you are a transport professional, or you are simply obliged to take the car regularly for any circumstance, sooner or later you must go to the gas station to refuel fuel.

This action can pose a high risk of contagion since we interact with people who may be carriers of COVID-19 by being constantly exposed to the public, and we come into direct contact with surfaces and elements that may be infected by the coronavirus since they are continuously manipulated by a high number of clients.


If we go to a self-service gas station, it is best to choose one that has contactless payment, since the less we come into contact with common elements the better. The ideal would be to be able to manage the service and pay from the mobile since in this way we would only have to touch the pump hose.

If this cannot be the case, the most recommended are the systems that have payment by contactless card, since simply by bringing the card itself or the mobile phone closer, the payment will be made. Otherwise, we would have to put it in the reader and it could be “infected”.

Be that as it may, in most cases we will have to touch the screen to start the operation, choose what type of fuel we want, amount of fuel, put the card pin … in addition to, as we have already mentioned, take the hose to put gasoline in the car.

That is why we have to disinfect ourselves before and after the entire maneuver with sanitizing liquids and, if possible, use gloves. Many service stations offer them together with the pumps themselves, but it is advisable to carry a box of disposable latex units in the car to avoid taking risks.


At first, we might think that it is better to go to a self-service gas station to avoid contact with people who may be infected, but the truth is that service stations with workers also have advantages in this time of quarantine for coronavirus.

The safest thing is that the staff is limited to being behind the counter and at a safe distance to simply make the charges, but if we are lucky enough to find a station where they also refuel the fuel is the best thing that can happen to us. . In this way the user does not have to touch anything.

You simply say what fuel and how much you want, and pay for it with one of the contactless modes, returning to the car without risk as the operators have taken care of everything.

The only precaution that could be taken is to wear a mask and keep the distance meter that they advise when interacting with other people. Furthermore, these stations are the “cleanest” since their elements are only handled by operators.


Whether in a self-service station or in one with operators, what we must always do is fill the tank to the maximum to visit the gas stations as little as possible and thus reduce the number of exposures to people and surfaces that may be infected with the coronavirus.

Also, remember that if you run out of gas they can put you up to 3,000 euros of fine. This is how Auto for Trade keeps you updated with safety measures for your safety. Auto for Trade is the right place for you to buy used car in United Kingdom.

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