How Is Medical Cannabis Helpful In The Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer?

How Is Medical Cannabis Helpful In The Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer?

Pancreatic cancer starts in the tissues of your pancreas-an organ in your abdomen that lies behind the lower part of your stomach. Your pancreas releases enzyme that aid digestion and produces hormones that support manage your blood sugar.

It is not necessary that growth in pancreas always result in pancreatic cancer. It could be non-cancerous too. The most common kind of cancer that forms in the pancreas begin in the cells that line the ducts that carry digestive enzymes out of the pancreas.

Pancreatic cancer is mainly detected at its starting stage when it’s mostly curable. This is because it often doesn’t cause symptoms until it has spread to other organs. The mode of treatment applies as per the severity of pancreatic cancer. Different treatments could be surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or a combination of these. Medical cannabis for pancreatic cancer is also an effective treatment.

Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer:  

Sign and symptoms of pancreatic cancer often don’t appear until the disease is advanced. Below are the symptoms to identify cancer.

  • Very frequent abdominal pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Very frequent weight loss
  • Yellowish in the skin
  • Light coloured stools
  • Dark coloured urine
  • Itchy skin
  • Blood clots
  • Fatigue

Important Prevention to Follow: 

It is quite necessary to follow the prevention to reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer. Let us see the followings:

Stop Smoking: 

It is quite necessary to stop smoking if there is frequent abdominal pain. Consult to your doctor about the strategies to support you stop, including support groups, medications and nicotine replacement therapy. If you don’t smoke, then continue to maintain a distance from this awful habit.

Maintain a Healthy Weight:  

If you are on a healthy weight then continue to put work to maintain it. If you require to lose weight, aim for a slow steady weight loss. Continue to perform the exercise with a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and whole grains with a smaller portion to support you lose weight.

Select a Healthy Diet: 

A diet rich in multi-nutrients keeps all the problems away. Ensure to have colourful fruits and vegetables and whole-grain that would help to reduce your risk of any kind of cancer.

Medical Cannabis for Pancreatic Cancer: 

Cannabis has been proven as an important cure for different kind of cancer including pancreatic cancer. It doesn’t cure cancer of root, but it offers significant relief in pain areas and slows down the growth of cancer. Let us see, how medical cannabis help to reduce the illness due to pancreatic cancer.

Pain Relief: 

The pressure and inflammation due to pancreatic cancer and tumours can be very painful, and cannabis is a known pain reliever with strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Antiemetic Properties: 

Pancreatic cancer and the solution for it often caused patients to feel nauseous and queasy. The chemical compounds in cannabis offer relief from both nausea and vomiting.

Medical cannabis for pancreatic cancer is not the complete solution but definitely, it slows down the pain and problem. Consulting to the expert would help you to know the dosages and method of ingestion is crucial for the treatment of pancreatic cancer and its symptoms.

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