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Best Funny Quotes For Family

  1. It is taken into account that nine tenths of the code corresponds to approximately 90% of the event time. The remaining 10% is additionally 90% of development time – Tom Cargill
  2. You cannot understand recursion without first understanding recursion – Author Unknown.
  3. I always wanted my computer to be as easy to use as my phone. This dream has come true: I not understand the way to use my phone – Bjarne Stroustrup
  4. A computer allows you to try to do more nonsense, much faster, than the other invention in human history. With the notable exception of guns and tequila – Mitch Ratcliffe
  5. There are two ways of designing software. The primary is to form it so simple that it’s obvious that there’s no problem. The second is to create it so complicated that it presents no obvious problem. the primary method is out and away the foremost complex – CAR Hoare
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  7. The gap between theory and practice is narrower in theory than it’s in practice – Author Unknown
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  9. If workers built buildings like developers write their programs, the primary woodpecker would have destroyed all civilization – Gerald Weinberg
  10. If debugging means removing bugs, then programming can only be adding them – Edsger Dijkstra
  11. Measuring the progress of software development by its lines of code is like measuring the progress of an aircraft’s construction by its weight – computer scientist
  12. Nine Women Can’t Have a Baby in a very Month – Fred Brooks
  13. Today, programming has become a race between the developer, who strives to provide better fool proof applications, and therefore the universe, which strives to provide better fools. For now, the universe incorporates a good start – Rich Cook
  14. The two main inventions that came out of Berkeley are UNIX and LSD. Hard to believe any coincidence – Jeremy S. Anderson
  15. “No stone: no building. No building: no palace. No palace … no palace.” (Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra)
  16. “- does one hear that noise? it’s the clicking of my Walter aimed toward your testicles. – So there are two folks, i have been aiming for your balls from the beginning.” (Inglourious Basterds)
  17. “You might not comprehend it but I consider myself a small amount of a loner. I tend to determine myself as a pack of 1 wolf.” (Very Bad Trip)
  18. “It isn’t I who am locked up with you, but you who are locked up with me!” (Watchmen)

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Funny Quotes

  1. “You, you’re so sweet that you simply would make a baby in spite of appearance seem like real junk.” (Boulevard of death)
  2. “You’re badly placed within the organic phenomenon to be loud!” (The Ice Age)
  3. “I wish to butter my rusk.” (OSS 117: Cairo, spy nest)
  4. “- Dude, you’ve got to warn you once you jettison such a thing. My mouth was fucking open! – hear the donkey, if it had been my fart, you’d already be dead!” (Shrek)
  5. “How you’ve grown my darling! you’ll almost grab the Lord’s balls.” (Persepolis)
  6. “This woman has every right to need revenge. And … We should die. But that said, too.” (Kill Bill 2)
  7. “Was that the prison? Did you receive my cookies?” (Ocean’s Eleven)
  8. “This is why I hate the Marines: they piss on us without even trying to make us think it’s raining!” (Avatar)
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  11. “- does one know what you discover once you hunt for blood? – What? – Blood.” (X-Men Origins)
  12. “Be careful, eh, I’m immense but i do not draw like Tintin!” (Dikkenek)
  13. “For a hungry pig, pieces of a corpse are coq au vin for a drunkard.” (Snatch)
  14. “I’m not reading the script, the script is reading me.” (Thunder within the Tropics)
  15. “It pollutes my ozone …” (Crazy about Irene)
  16. “-How old are you? – Twenty-five. -Houlà, well you are going to be a young retiree, then.” (The Spanish inn)
  17. “Life is just too short to be riled on a Saturday night.” (LOL)
  18. I know it is good to look straight but at age of 16 you can’t always look straight. Lol!

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