Four Tips For Summer Tree Care

Your trees are a vital part of your landscaping. After all they provide shade and add value to your yard, however, yet in summer, there are enhanced dangers to your hedges, especially when they don’t get enough water. An unhealthy tree is also dangerous as dead branches can break off and fall during harsh weather conditions, putting your property, family, and pets at risk. So, caring for trees in the summer season is extremely essential to make sure your tree survives that harsh heat and summer droughts. 

Summer tree care is a little different from the other seasons. If all things are going well, you are going to take a more hands-off approach. But this doesn’t mean you are off the hook, though! Healthy trees need attention, so they stay healthy, even when it appears that things could be better. So, if you don’t know how to keep your trees maintained in summer, here are five tips of summer tree care you can follow to keep your trees healthy during the hot weather. 

Add Some Mulch to Trees in Summer

If you want to protect your tree from the heat, add some mulch — the organic material you spread under plants to protect and nurture the roots — to trees. Spread around the tree’s base to a depth of 3 – 4 inches, covering a circle of roughly five feet. This will help you prevent excessive dehydration of soil during the drought, retaining moisture as well as protecting the roots from temperature extremes. This way also creates the ideal environment for pests, disease, and wood decay. Make sure your mulch doesn’t touch the trunk of your tree, so keep the 3 to 4-inch depth consistent around the tree without letting it pile. For getting better results without any hassle, you can also hire affordable tree care services

Keep Plants Hydrated With Consistent Watering

In summertime, trees are faced with high temperatures. In one day, a large tree can lift to 100 gallons of water out of the ground if it’s available. Like humans, the hotter it is the more water trees need, but over watering can also harm trees, essentially drowning their roots. That’s why you need to make sure your shrub is getting the right amount of water it needs to survive these heat waves. Here are some watering tips for summer tree care:

  • Focus on the critical root zone when watering. Wetting foliage is pointless and can promote the spread of disease. 
  • Don’t use a sprinkler as this only wets the top layer of soil and doesn’t properly water the tree
  • Water in the morning to avoid evaporation and to help trees deal with the heat throughout the day
  • Water in the morning to avoid evaporation 
  • Water deeply and thoroughly 1 to 2 times a week.

Watering trees is confusing to some people as it seems like nature provides enough for these string plants to survive. It’s always a good idea to contact a reliable Ottawa tree service. 

Check Regularly for Pests

While your tree might look healthy and strong, it could be attracting pests and even the effects of these might not show until it’s too late. For that, you need to keep an eye out for cleanly bored holes, wounds in the bark, dripping sap, and dying or dead branches. These could be all signs of infestations that are disrupting the uptake of water throughout the system of trees. 

Checking for pests is not just good for your trees, it can be great for the hedge in your neighborhood! If you find a pest like Emerald Ash Borer on your property, this means you need to hire affordable tree care service for saving trees, and stopping these types of bugs from spreading further. 

Prune Trees in Summer Only When Necessary

Although tree pruning is the best task to do during winter, you can trim smartly in the summer too. Generally, it should only be done for corrective reasons, preventing certain branches from reducing energy away from the healthy parts of the tree. Defective or dying branches should be pruned quickly before whatever is killing or has killed the branch spreads to the rest of the canopy, trunk, or tree in general. 

Pruning can help the shrub grow healthier by opening up the canopy to improve the circulation of air and decreasing the water amount and tree needs. For the most effective job, you can hire Ottawa tree service for pruning service.

The Bottom Line!

Once you have followed these four tips, you will protect your tree from damages in the summer seasons. While summer tree care is not difficult, you need to know what to look for. Often, what looks to you like signs of an issue is just a normal tree growth and change. On the other hand, what may seem like no big deal is a serious problem. That’s why, talk to a professional for affordable tree care service. They will help you determine what summer care you need to take for your trees.

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