Career Opportunities after Blockchain Certification

Blockchain Certification

Career Opportunities after Blockchain Certification

Blockchain has recently developed the reputation of being one of the top in-demand skills in the IT industry. It has been responsible for introducing distributed ledger technology to the attention of many enterprises in the present times. Blockchain platforms enjoy the capabilities for supporting private transactions with better levels of data confidentiality and private transactions.

Furthermore, Gartner has predicted that blockchain platforms would introduce cross-chain functionality and smart contract applications across diverse industries. Therefore, many aspiring professionals turn to blockchain certification for capitalizing on the opportunities emerging in the field of blockchain. The following discussion helps you find out the notable opportunities you can access as a certified blockchain professional.

Why Blockchain Certifications?

Many beginners in the domain of blockchain wonder about the feasibility of pursuing a blockchain certification in the first place. Blockchain certifications are trustworthy instruments to facilitate tangible proof of an individual’s blockchain expertise. Any individual with blockchain knowledge cannot just land up their desired blockchain jobs without the essential specializations.

Blockchain certifications help you in proving your specialization by focusing on testing of candidates across selected topic areas. Furthermore, employers perceive blockchain certifications as the symbol of an individual’s dedication to learning about the blockchain. Additionally, the recertification and renewal requirements associated with blockchain certifications ensure that professionals are updated with the skill and knowledge requirements according to modern enterprise requirements and industry standards. 

Prominent Job Roles after Blockchain Certification 

With so many credible benefits with blockchain certifications, it is inevitable to notice their career benefits. However, many candidates are confused about the potential roles they can achieve by working on blockchain certifications. Here is an outline of the blockchain careers roles that you can explore with blockchain certifications. 

Blockchain Developer

The foremost role among blockchain jobs in the existing labor market directly points out to the blockchain developer. Employers across various sectors such as government institutions, tech companies, and the food manufacturing industry constantly look for expert blockchain developers. Blockchain developers must prove their capabilities in regression, MySQL, AJAX, and C++, .NET, SOAP API, and others. On average, the salary of a blockchain developer ranges from $150,000 to $175,000 on an annual basis. 

Blockchain Legal Consultants 

Blockchain legal consultant is also one of the preferred roles for a certified blockchain professional. Blockchain is still a very ambiguous concept for many people, with initial coin offerings for blockchain applications under heavy scrutiny. Legal consultants help in development of smart contracts and legal partnerships.

Furthermore, they can also provide consultation for ICO organizers, individual investors, and cryptocurrency dealers regarding complicated legal issues related to digital currencies and blockchain. Clients could also refer to blockchain legal consultants during blockchain-based solution deployment. They could also support the integration of digital ledger technology in a current operation framework. Interestingly, the average annual salary of a certified blockchain legal consultant is around $70,000 to $179,000. 

Blockchain Project Managers

Blockchain project managers are solely responsible for taking care of any blockchain project for an organization. They have to take care of every aspect of the project, including planning, supervision, and execution, and monitoring. Basically, the project manager serves as a communication link between developers and the project. Blockchain project managers have to take care of preparing outlines for the purpose, objectives, deliverables, and scope of the project. Furthermore, they are also entrusted with the responsibility of leveraging cross-disciplinary skills to improve project outcomes. 

Blockchain Web Designer

Blockchain web apps are slowly gaining prominent attention with arrival of decentralized applications. Therefore, blockchain certification could also help you land up in the role of a blockchain web designer. The prospects of a blockchain career as a blockchain web designer can help in achieving an all-round credential to your professional portfolio. Blockchain web designers have to ensure efficient communications with the marketing, content, and operations teams.

However, the basic objective of a blockchain web designer would focus primarily on delivering a flexible and intuitive user interface by using Figma, Sketch, PS, and others. Furthermore, blockchain web designer should also offer original concepts as well as smart user interfaces. The average annual salary of a blockchain web designer would range from $150,000 to around $175,000.

Blockchain Engineer

The final and most lucrative blockchain career option after certification directly refers to that of a blockchain engineer. The blockchain engineer can serve as the most vital asset for an organization. Blockchain engineers have a detailed impression of the technical requirements and specifications of an organization. You would require proficiency in Hyperledger Fabric, Python, Oracle Identity, Java, Ripple, and Bitcoin for the role of blockchain engineer. The average annual salary of a blockchain engineer ranges from $150,000 to $175,000. 


As you can notice clearly, the different career options after a blockchain certification can give a new direction to your career. Many enterprises are constantly worried about the increasing skill gap in the domain of blockchain. Every day we can witness new functionalities in blockchain while professionals are struggling to catch up with the improvements.

Therefore, blockchain certifications can help professionals for falling in line with the current trends and industry requirements from blockchain-based roles. Additionally, you would need practical experience as a certified blockchain professional to fetch lucrative job roles. You can start preparing for your selected blockchain certification on a trustworthy platform right now!