Can A Paintball Gun Break A Car Window?

Best Paintball Guns

The fame of paintball guns is increasing regularly. This fame attracts numerous people by which they start participating in different types of paintball battles and tournaments. The market is also flooded with the best paintball guns. Many individuals are having quality guns and regularly trying to do something new by which they can get entertained.

The availability of paintball guns also becomes a reason for multiple questions in the paintballer’s mind. The main reason behind all these questions is the capabilities of these types of guns. Some people are trying to figure out the true power of paintballs by which they can know it can hurt someone and cause any damage or not.

Due to it, some paintballers want to know, a paintball can break a window of car or not. These things are completely based on the force and power of the paintball that applies on the surface while hitting the car window. It is completely dependent on the gun that you are going to use for such a purpose. In case you are keeping the air pressure high with high volume of gas, then it hits with more power.

Factors That Can Affect Paintball Damage To Car

Paintballs cannot affect or cause damage to a car and its window in all cases. The results are mainly based on some main factors. Change in all these factors can make differences in the results such as – bad or good. In the upcoming details, you can introduce to all these things deeply.

Air Density & Temperature

Temperature is one of the most important factors that plays a big role in the speed of paintball. With the changes in temperature, air density directly affects and you can see some big changes in the paintball’s projectile speed. In case the temperature is increasing, then air density starts decreasing and vise-versa.

Wind Speed

If you focus on the travelling speed of a paintball, then its pellet’s trajectory highly affects with the wind. In case we talk about the effectiveness of wind, then you have to worry from three types of winds such as –

  • Crosswinds
  • Tailwinds
  • Headwinds

In case you fire a paintball toward car’s window and suddenly wind starts, then you have to worry. It may decrease the speed of paintball by which it may not hit the car with full force and effectiveness. Sometimes, the situations are becoming completely different and wind increases the speed of paintball instead of decreasing it.

Barrel Length

Length of barrel is a crucial factor. Barrel is an important factor by which you can figure out the paintball performance. If you are using a gun with larger barrels, then you can see, the speed of paintball is faster but it may lack in accuracy. It can cause damage to the sensitive parts with ease such as – windshield, tires, and mirrors.

In case the barrel of your gun is short, then your shot can be more accurate but it does not have much speed to cause any kind of damage or leaving more effects.

Weight Of Paintball

Paintball’s weight plays a significant role. A good paintball needs to be balanced for maintaining proper speed. Heavy paintballs always become a reason for covering less distance as compared to the light paintballs. With the speed, effectiveness of the paintball hit also decreases similarly. Due to it, you can say a heavy paintball cannot lead damage to the car.

These are four major factors by which you can understand how the best paintball guns and paintball can cause damage to the car windows. In some cases, you may find, it is about to break the car’s window glass.

Final Words

With mentioned above information, you can understand lots of things about the paintballs and what kind of damages can be caused with its direct hits. Along with these factors, you cannot deny the factor of distance between gun and the car. In case the distance is a lot, then the chances are decreasing as well. For increasing the effectiveness and force of a paintball, you have to pick one of the best paintball guns only. With the gun type, these things are also getting changed.

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