Breastfeeding and Breast Cancer: Initial Queries for New Moms

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Mothers’ breastfeeding accurately knows how their breasts will change and feel during the initial days. The breast lumps are the most severe issues mothers may face and it makes them worried due to its link with breast cancer. Coupon.KSA presents new Mothercare code for mothers who desire maximum safety while feeding the babies. In this article, there is more information on breastfeeding and breast cancer. New moms should check these points in order to deal with the physical health and baby in an easy way.

Is There a Chance Of Getting Cancer During Breastfeeding?

Yes, it is possible but is very rare. See the medical reports confirming only 3 per cent breast cancer among the women who breastfeed. According to the NCI (National Cancer Institute) the risk of this cancer becomes high in early years following the pregnancy. What could be the reason for this increased risk? Actually, women may suffer severe hormonal changes during pregnancy and childbirth. However, this can be balanced after the childbirth if you breastfeed the babies. It has long-term effects on breast health as feeding your baby may prevent cancer development especially in the early premenopausal stage.

Why Some Mothers Become Worried?

Despite the lowest risk of cancer development, new moms must speak to physicians if they observe any symptoms. Women who are concerned about breast changes and health should remember the following points.

  • Breastfeeding may lead to issues such as lactation pain and it resembles with initial symptoms of cancer.
  • Observing a lump on the breast is not necessarily a worrying factor. Most doctors will not recommend cancer-diagnosing tests in this situation.
  • Breast ultrasounds and mammograms may result in a false diagnosis or an inconclusive outcome especially during the lactation phase.

Solution: If you have any of these issues then buy the breastfeeding gadgets with Mothercare code. This is an economical approach for mothers who have to spend an entire month in a small budget.

Common Reasons for Breast Lumps:

Understanding what else can cause the breast lumps is important. It usually happens during breastfeeding that’s why moms should focus on other factors.


In the early feeding days, your breasts may load extra milk. This condition leads to uncomfortable and lumpy breasts.

Plugged Ducts:

There are special cells producing milk in the breasts. This milk then travels to the nipples through small ducts. In case, if the milk is thick and its drainage is infrequent, it can result into a clogged duct. Trapped milk in these ducts leads to a condition called a sore lump.


It is inflammation and it may be a result of breast infection. It usually happens after the engorgement and plugged ducts. The milk proteins gathering in the small veins may start to leak and fill the surrounding. Mastitis may also show the following symptoms.

  • Breast redness
  • Shivers
  • Fever
  • Feeling lazy or unwell

Women with all these conditions must not stop breastfeeding. If milk production is more than what baby feeds then bring some lactation pumps using Mothercare code.

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