Best Tips You Need for Planning a Getaway for Girls’ Weekend

When women want to travel for a weekend vacation, they would carefully plan for it. On the other hand, when men go away for the weekend, they simply go.

So if you’re the appointed organizer in your girls’ group, the job isn’t easy. You need to consider so many important things such as the budget, needs, interests, and feelings. If you want to have a fun and memorable girls weekend getaway, here are some rules and tips that can help you plan for it.


Focus on the “needs” instead of their “wants”

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Do you know what your girlfriends’ needs are? All of your friends have their own ideas on mind about what to do and the places to explore. However, what’s more important is the intention of the trip. To have a successful girls’ weekend getaway, things should be tuned to what your friends need most. For instance, if most of your friends are dealing with so much family responsibilities, it would more ideal to indulge yourselves with spa treatments and amazing food. Or if all of you want to take a break from work and the busy life, go for an unplugged vacation, like a peaceful room in the mountains. And if you feel like it’s been really long since you’ve experienced fun activities, opt for a weekend getaway that will allow you to go out on the town.


Consider finances and how you’ll handle money

Most likely, you and your friends have no problem splitting money during a night out drinking your favourite rosé. But when it comes to travel, it would take your finances to a new level. You need to deal with foreign transaction fees, exchange rates, and what people are prepared to splurge on throughout their day-to-day exploring. So before you start with your vacation, talk about what everyone is comfortable with and identify the ways to cut down on cost. For example, if someone in your group is more cost-conscious, perhaps you can take public transportation rather of Ubering everywhere. Also, one of the biggest money tips when travelling is to bring some cash in case you arrive at a place that doesn’t accept credit cards as payment. 


Know what your friends actually want to do 

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It doesn’t matter if you’re best friends who already know everything about each other because this doesn’t mean that you love doing the same things. There are plenty of ways for everyone to enjoy the same place and don’t forget that you can’t read their minds. So before booking the trip, be conscious of each other’s unconfirmed plans so it doesn’t result in any issue once you’re on the vacation. If you think that everyone is not on the same page, you may pick one or two days when you can explore the place by yourselves and do what you want on your own. 


Determine your friends’ sleeping habits 

Are you travelling with a friend who needs to get eight hours of sleep so she won’t get moody in the morning? Or with a friend who makes breakfast, goes for a run, and is always prepared for the day before your alarm wakes you up? Try to think of ways to solve this problem before the trip and be sure to have an open and honest conversation. Although it’s completely possible to work with various sleep schedules, others can go sightseeing while the others snooze. Just make sure that no one feels left out. 


Figure out how they handle crises 

There are so many unexpected things that may go in your way when you’re in a two days trip, maybe your accommodation has no heater or usable shower, or a friend is dealing with a mystery illness, it’s important that your remind them to keep their cool if things like these happen. Remind them to stay calm before the trip starts. Some of them might freak out when things go wrong, some will laugh, and others will calmly help you find a solution. Remind them that you’re on a vacation, and you’re with your best friends. 


Opt for accommodations that boost togetherness 

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If you book a single suite for everyone to stay in, then a long line will be there for the bathroom. And if you arrange two or three hotel rooms on different floors, then there’s no way for all of you to hangout. The perfect place for your girls’ weekend is having spaces for heart-to-heart talks, for alone time, and for late-night group karaoke. Opt for a condo, cabin, suite, or beach house that has a kitchen, a deck or porch, and a large living room with cosy seating. 


Suggest doing something new 

If you are always heading to the same place every weekend getaway, why not do something different or new to everyone. It would be a great experience going to a new club instead of heading to the old pub you are used to already. Of if your annual girls’ getaway weekend is the usual sitting around talking and watching Netflix, maybe it’s time to go out one night instead of ordering pizza. Doing something new every year will give everyone the best life experiences. Although the tradition is important, it’s also important that every girls’ getaway is something that all of you will remember forever.

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