Best Bedroom Design Inspiration

Bedroom Design Inspiration

Bedroom Design Inspiration

The bedroom may be your private space but that doesn’t mean it needs to be neglected. This room should look just as beautiful as each of the other rooms in your house. If you’re looking to update your room. Ketti has the best bedroom furniture Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne have to offer.

We’ve narrowed down our favorite bedroom styles and decorating ideas to assist you in updating your bedroom space. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil retreat, moody vibes, or bright and light there are ideas for every style of bedroom you’re after. Read on to suit which mood suits you to start updating your space before purchasing your new bedroom furniture. 

White Out

After a stressful day, a light all white room creates a peaceful retreat for you to relax and unwind. Don’t be afraid to play up the white theme. This style is perfect for rooms that are smaller in size as white reflects the natural light that streams in, which makes the room feel open and bigger in size. Paint the walls and ceiling white, adorn your windows with white linen curtain, and crisp white linen bedding.

If you have a four-poster bed add sheer white drapes to frame the bed. To create points of interest in your all-white room introduce tactile textures. There are many ways you can do this including adding white statement pillows made from velvet and other luxurious fabrics, purchasing a white fluffy statement rug to go at the end of your bed, and ceramic pots and vases.


Don’t be afraid of dark feature walls to create a moody bedroom vibe. Think black, deep chocolate, or velvety plum hues. Add wallpaper to the bedroom ceiling to make a graphic statement. Try deep rich tones with abstract florals designs. Using one color throughout the entire space will create a warm and intimate feeling in the room.

Try color matching your pillow and other bedroom accessories to the color of your feature wall. Invest in a header board behind your bed. You can either color match this to your feature wall or look at a complimentary color. 

Mix And Match

Are you a lover of all things old and new? If you can’t decide if your style is more traditional or contemporary, mix and match your antique and modern pieces. Combining vintage pieces creates beautiful features in your bedroom and will leave you feeling warm. Contrast these with contemporary furniture pieces to add a sleek element to your bedroom. Don’t be afraid to mix and match preloved vintage pillows with new contemporary ones.

An eclectic style of the room is ideal for a feature wall of hanging frames of photos. Combine your treasured family photos of generations before you with recent photos with friends and family. Adorning your wall with these creates a space where you are surrounded by memories and loved ones. If you have modern photo frames, look at handing them with more traditional golden photo frame hooks with brass chains. 

Once you’ve decided on the new theme of your bedroom, have a look at The Otway collection from Kett for beautiful beds, side tables, and other pieces made from timber with elegant proportions for a dream-worthy bedroom.

For some individuals who involve a studio condo and a more modest home, sorting out some way to use your little front room can be a test. In addition to the fact that you need to consider how to get by room utilitarian, yet additionally agreeable. The lounge is apparently the most utilized room of the house so you need to make one that you and your loved ones won’t have any desire to leave.

Try not to stress, you can in any case accomplish this regardless of how little the space you simply need to realize where to search for shrewd plan furniture. Kent furniture select to Cosh Living has the best bedroom furniture Perth, Melbourne and Sydney have to bring to the table for little living spaces. Join minimized furniture with style, workmanship, and mirrors and you will have yourself a parlor with the most extreme space.

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