Best App Permission Manager

Best App Permission Manager

Best App Permission Manager

App Permission manager: Know the permissions used by all installed apps in your device and it allows you to revoke permissions on one tap.

This App uses “Accessibly Service ” to perform revoke app permissions.

Get Notification of risk associated with the newly installed app.

App Features:

– You can check and allow/revoke the following permissions
1. Installed apps permissions
2. Special permissions for apps
3. System apps permissions
4. Group permissions

For Android Version 6.0 and above

– Lists installed apps by their severity (High Risk, Medium Risk, Low Risk)
– Click on any app and you will get details of all permissions used by it.
– If you want to remove any risky permission, turn off the button, and click on the APPLY CHANGES button.
– Some apps using background services. You can stop it by click on the FORCE STOP button.
– If you want to KEEP app with known risk, click on the KEEP button.

Please share your feedback for app improvement.

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