Ace Student Life Using These Tips

Being a student is difficult. Not only do you have a tonne to study, but there are also social, mental, and emotional pressures to conform to. With the million exams, parental expectations, your physical and mental growth, social gatherings, and a healthy lifestyle and sleep cycle to maintain, you never really have much time for yourself, do you?
Thankfully, there is a way to balance all of these things. Over the past decades, students across international and Indian schools in Abu Dhabi have experienced all of these hardships, evolved to overcome them, and have shared them for the next generations to learn from.
While you’ll easily find hundreds of hacks online, here are the top tips that encompass all of them and help you maintain a study-life balance while you grow physically and mentally.
Read good books, more than once
Self-help books abound in the market today. Not surprisingly, not all of them are worth following or even reading. However, some books come highly recommended or authored by the brightest minds in the world. Those are books that change the way you think or perceive things, and let you apply new ideas to your life. Make sure you return to them to refresh your memory.
Stop studying too much
Seriously. Stop cramming information into your brain. Space out how much you study in one go, and then revise it after short intervals. Studying too much in one go might feel like you’re achieving something, but you’re just tiring out your mind and not retaining anything.
Don’t forget to take regular breaks and keep rewarding yourself for completing small portions.
Take regular quizzes
Mock tests are the most effective ways to revise and retain what you have learned. It is one of the most popular and widely used study methods around the world. And while it recreates what might come in the exam, there’s no pressure. It’s just a mock test. You simply study again and take another test. You can also use flashcards and post-its to learn faster.
Make one day Assignment Day
Whenever you see the load of studying likely to increase, like having exams at the end of the month, set time aside for pending projects, presentations etc.
Ask more questions
Not asking questions is not cool anymore. If you get doubts cleared as and when you have them, you can easily prepare and move up one step. Other students are probably scared to ask questions, so doing it might get you a good reputation too.
Read, thoroughly
Don’t just browse or skim through your material. That won’t help you retain any information. Be thorough in whatever you study.
Make good friends
You learn a lot from your friends. Make friends who are hardworking, motivated, and share your interest in becoming better. You’re known by the company you keep, and having valuable people as a part of your network has no downside to it.
Above all, take time to introspect, reassess your goals, and evaluate whether you’re on the right path or not. Everything else falls in line.

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