Secret 7 Instagram Update And Internet Day 2021 Features

7 Instagram Update And Internet Day 2021 Features

Do you agree if we say the internet and Instagram updates are harmful?

If you agree, what is the reason? If you don’t agree, why is it like that?

You need to know, almost or even all agencies that own social media always make the latest updates to improve the existing system. Including Instagram.

Even on the International Internet Safer Day yesterday, Instagram admitted that there were several efforts they had made to ensure the health of using social media.

What do you think Instagram is doing to make its social media platform a hangout for positive young people?

Let’s check in full so you don’t get confused by the appearance and latest updates.

Of course, there are Instagram followers and features that were deliberately released to increase your comfort as an Instagram user.

Update Instagram: Safer Internet Day 2020

Instagram itself admits that it will increase a safer and more supportive community for all Instagram users. To make this happen, there have been several updates released as a form of realization of this ideal.

Prevent Cyber ​​Bullying and Violence

Already there are countless cases of online bullying that have been committed and experienced by Instagram users at a young age. We think you also know this case, right?

So, Instagram some time ago released a feature called Restrict. This feature is not the same as Block, but it can be said to be semi-block.

Update Instagram: Safer Internet Day 2020

The way it works is really simple. If there is a user that you have restricted, any notifications from that account will not reach you. Even so, they can still comment and interact with your Instagram account.

However, their comments will not be visible to the general public. Enough you and he alone can see it.

Then, if they DM you, the message will automatically be entered with the label Requested Message. The cool thing is, you don’t need to be afraid that you don’t want the DM because they won’t be able to see whether you’ve seen the message or not.

Instagram has also implanted a special AI to detect the tone of comments sent by users. If the comment contains elements of hatred and hoaxes, and surely there will be an automatic notification if the comment is the same as the comment reported as bullying.

They have the opportunity to edit the caption or comment. So, they can think twice about not using harsh words that damage Instagram’s privacy and terms.

Inappropriate Content

What is your attitude when you see inappropriate content on Instagram?

Of course, the most ideal and best way is to report to Instagram.

Is that right?

Fortunately, now this reporting has been made easy.  Instagram also announced that their developer team works 24 hours non-stop to quickly review if there are cases of violations of Instagram policies.

Update Instagram: Safer Internet Day 2020

So, if you feel that there is something wrong with content or bullying, just report it in the Help Center.

Instagram will immediately remove content that doesn’t fit well. Not only because there are many reports about the content, but also because of the content and protecting Instagram’s official policies.

Dual Security System

You need to know, security on social media is very important. If it is not guarded, all the data you have will be misused.

One of them, Instagram has implemented AI Strong Password Analyzer and Two-Factor Authentification. Our advice is to use this feature as much as possible.

Update Instagram: Safer Internet Day 2021

It doesn’t stop there, it makes it easy for you to log in to your account if hacked. So, you can immediately claim your account without being complicated.

If you are still having trouble logging in because the password has been changed by the hacker, just click the ‘Need More Help’ button at the bottom of the screen. Instagram will automatically help you log into your account.

First, Instagram will send an activation code to your cellphone number or email according to the info you filled in your bio profile.

After that, you will be asked by Instagram to update the email and telephone number that you installed on Instagram.

If you do this successfully, all devices that are logged into your Instagram will be deleted, except for your original device.

In this way, you can restore the hacked account even though some of the information has been replaced by the hacker.  Instagram also guarantees that if your account is hacked, then your username cannot be claimed by other people.

Finally, Instagram also provides a crackdown on phishing actions carried out via email. You can see this feature in the Email from Instagram menu.

So, this feature will clarify and tell you which emails are real from Instagram and which ones are fake or phishing.

Transparent in Report / Reporting

Have you ever experienced that reporting something to Instagram is very complicated and impractical?

We have never felt it. But fortunately, now Instagram has made an important innovation so that the reporting process will run smoothly.

Update Instagram: Safer Internet Day 2020

One way is to release the Support Request feature. This feature records all history or request history that you have submitted. Plus, you can also see the status!

Apart from that, you can also click on the ‘More Options’ option to choose a recommended action. For example, muting, unfollowing, restricting, even blocking the account that is the culprit.

If you don’t agree with what Instagram is doing, you can immediately click ‘Request a Review’. So, Instagram will re-review and take the action you want.

Protect Privacy

Whatever you share on Instagram is your full right. You can choose to be a private account where you can only interact with those who follow you and you just follow.

You can also limit who can comment on your posts. Or even, deactivating Show Activity Status means no one will be able to see your online status.

Update Instagram: Safer Internet Day 2021

To do all that, just go to Settings> Privacy.

If there is a photo or video content that you don’t want to see anymore, just click the Delete or Archive button, brass!

Besides that, you can also choose who can see your story. Just click the 3 dot icon in the top right corner of the story and select Story Settings. Then, choose who you want to hide.

You can also share with several people without having to choose one by one. Just use the Close Friends feature and share your Instagram story content with them.

The cool thing is, you can set a limit to who can and cannot send DM. So, only people you follow can send DM and enter you in the Group chat thread.

Block Account (Disabled)

Have you ever experienced this one incident? Or is your account blocked when you want to log in?

Yaps, in the past, this blocking notification could only be accessed in the Help Center. But now it’s different.

Instagram immediately presents on the page when you want to log into an account that is already disabled or blocked.

Update Instagram: Safer Internet Day 2020

Well, if you don’t think you’ve committed a violation but your account has been deleted, don’t worry. You can click the Tell us we’re the wrong button.

After that, you must fill in your full name, email, and the reason why Instagram’s action is wrong. Finally, just press the ‘Request a Review’ button then Instagram will immediately re-review it.

If you are not proven guilty, your account will be able to return or be restored.

AI Content Detector

Do you still remember about the Corona Virus that went viral on Facebook? Because of the dangerous potential caused by the hoax, Instagram has taken strong action.

Instagram admits that it has collaborated with independent third-party applications to check, review, and label each content spread on Instagram.

Update Instagram: Safer Internet Day 2021

If the content contains hoaxes, there will automatically be a label on the content. Then, it’s up to you and netizens. Want to believe that content, pass it on, read it, or whatever.

This feature has also been applied to a cross-app, namely content from Instagram to Facebook or vice versa.

If this label has been installed, then everyone around the world will be able to see it on all Instagram channels, including Feeds, Stories, and DMs.

You can also do manual reports if you see content that you feel doesn’t match reality or hoaxes. The method is the same as reporting regular content.

Just select the content you want to report> click the 3 dots in the top right corner of that content. Select It’s inappropriate> False Information.

This report will help Instagram identify the same content and act on it.

Even more, Instagram has collaborated with the Poynter Institute to release a new media literacy program. This program is known as the MVP or MediaWise Voter Project.

This project will be held on campuses in America to teach young people to be more up-to-date on all the information about the media they use daily.


Instagram, Facebook, and almost all social media have done their best for the success of our generation.

Even with social media, all the things that seemed impossible for you to do before are now possible and not complicated.

You can do examples like online business, endorsement, and others without capital. This means that only those who understand and can understand how to play Instagram can be successful.

So, stay up-to-date with the latest information about the world of social media and marketing so that you will be more successful. More Read

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