7 Deadly Link Building Sins You May Be Committing

Deadly Link Building Sins

The process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites for your website is known as link building. The backlinks provide the best opportunities to the internet users to navigate between the pages. When you will build backlinks for your website, you will get lots of benefits. These backlinks provide credibility to your website. The backlinks play a vital role in increasing the ranking of your website in the search engines. These backlinks will also boost up the traffic of your website. With the help of earning backlinks, you can find out greater revenue opportunities. The backlinks also play a vital role in increasing the referral traffic of your website. Due to these benefits of the backlinks, the webmasters are using various strategies to generate the backlinks for their websites. All of these strategies are not useful. Here, we will discuss seven deadly link building sins that you may be committing.


Use Black Hat Techniques:

Some webmasters try to increase the number of backlinks of their websites by using some black hat techniques. In the black hat SEO techniques, there come all the techniques that you are using to get higher ranking in the search engines. By using black hat SEO techniques, you will go against the terms and conditions of Google. Google will consider that you are cheating the system. After detecting these kinds of black hat techniques, Google will penalize your website. After getting a penalty from Google, you can’t get a higher ranking in Google. Now, the question is why most of the webmasters are using black hat SEO techniques. The answer to this question is that these black hat SEO techniques are helpful to get quick results. Therefore, you should try to use natural and organic ways to get higher ranking in the search engines.


Wandering Away From The Niche Of Your Website:

In the past, the webmasters can easily rank their websites just by focusing on the quantity of the backlinks. To increase the number of backlinks, they try to avail all the backlinking opportunities. It means that they try to create backlinks from all kinds of websites. Some webmasters are still focusing on this kind of SEO strategy. They should know that this kind of backlinking strategy is not working now. Nowadays, you will have to focus on the quality of the backlinks rather than the quantity of the backlinks. The best way to create the best quality backlinks for your website is to find out the backlinking opportunities in the websites relevant to the niche of your website. According to Google, if you are earning backlinks from the niche relevant websites, you are sending the right visitors to your website.


Focusing On The Bad Prospects:

Most of the webmasters can also build the backlinks for their websites by using outreach technique. For this reason, they create a list of the websites they want to contact. They use various techniques to prepare this list of websites. Most of the webmasters create this list just by focusing on the SEO strategies of their competitors. After creating this list, they don’t try to analyze the quality of these websites. When they contract with these websites for backlinking, some of them may allow them to create backlinks. For this reason, they have to use various techniques to earn backlinks. If you are getting the backlinks from the low-quality websites, these kinds of backlinks will not provide any value to your website. Moreover, some websites also provide backlinks on the footer rather than content. These kinds of backlinks are also low-quality backlinks.


Sounding Like A Link Builder:

According to the terms and conditions of Google, you can get a higher ranking in the search results only if your website is earning natural backlinks. If Google finds that you are building manual backlinks for your website, Google will penalize your website. Google will consider that you are trying to deceive the system. Therefore, you should try to create backlinks naturally. It means that you should avoid some link building techniques like link exchange and much more. These kinds of link building strategies will show the search engines that you are working as a link builder.


Sloppy Execution:

As told by a dissertation help firm, there are various tools on the internet that allows you to analyze the backlinks of your competitors. Some webmasters just try to create the backlinks without knowing the actual process. For example, if your competitor has got a backlink from a specific website by sharing the guest post, you will also try to get the backlink from the same website by posting the comment. Now, the problem is that the link of your competitor will be more powerful than your link. Therefore, after analyzing the backlinks of your competitors, you should follow the same process for the link creation.


Lame Content Ideation:

Almost all the SEO professionals know that if they get links from the content of a website, they will get more benefits than by getting backlinks from other parts of the website. That’s why they try to get backlinks by sharing guest posts. No doubt, to create enough content for the guest posts is a real challenge for the SEO professionals. Therefore, they try to cheat the system by sharing the low-quality content. They should know that by sharing the low-quality content, they can’t earn the best quality backlinks for their websites. Therefore, they should try to create the best quality content for the guest posts.


Obsession With Scaling:

Some SEO professionals use the automation tools to create the backlinks for their websites. Some automation tools suggest that you should create a specific number of backlinks to outrank the competitors. After getting a suggestion from these tools, they try to create the required number of backlinks. To fulfil this number, they don’t distinguish between the low quality and high-quality backlinks. As a result, they create lots of low-quality backlinks for their websites. After creating lots of low-quality backlinks, your website can’t get the higher ranking. In some cases, these low-quality backlinks can create lots of problems for your website.

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