6 Common Types of Learners Who Will Benefit the Most from Online Tutoring

Not all students are born to win inside the class. For a mind to become sharper and skill to be more improved, it has to be trained in a perfect way. That’s where online tutoring can help! 

E-learning has earned its widespread success as a formal method of supplementary education in the early 2010s when Coursera, one of the world’s biggest online learning platforms, was founded by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller of Stanford University. By 2014, 98% of public colleges and universities have started offering full e-learning programs including online tutoring.  

When it comes to online tutoring approach, there are certain types of students who may need the virtual classroom experience more than their peers. These types of learners are not limited to those who experience common learning difficulties alone, some of them are even top-notchers. But, the fact that this method offers a more personalised knowledge — which somehow lacks in the traditional classroom — makes it the most preferred adaptive learning style for excellent learners.  

If your child falls into any of the student group below, you may consider enrolling them into an online tutoring program to help improve their academic performance and self-esteem.

Struggling Math Students

A lot of students have trouble understanding the gist of Math. If you notice your kids are having a hard time solving a tricky Math problem, one big solution to this is online tutoring. The virtual classroom provides a personalised avenue for learning, where devoted mentors can focus on your child’s difficulties. With this interactive approach, struggling students can better discuss their queries and challenges with the teacher before moving on to the next topic.     

ESL Learners

Learning English as a Second Language is very popular these days. Considering an online tutoring platform is a great way to connect with ESL teachers from around the world. This way, students can learn more quickly from the comfort of their abodes.  

Graduate Students

For some parents, offered classes in traditional review centres are simply not enough. Hence, they would rely on additional school preparation classes for their children who may be facing certain exams like MCAT or GRE. With that, online tutoring is probably the best way to prepare graduate students for an upcoming major exam.  


These students struggle in almost all learning subjects in school. They are characterised as resistive and shy learners who simply feel uncomfortable when it comes to participating in different class activities, which only shows their unwillingness to learn. That said, non-achievers are most likely to demand greater attention from dedicated teachers. A personalised and motivational teaching approach is proven to give the best results for students who find it hard to grasp the information that is needed to be learnt. 

‘Adult’ College Students

These are the students who have been out of school for a while and decided to come back by taking a special course for a new career field. For adult students who are busy with their part-time jobs and other grown-up responsibilities, online tutoring can be a great way to gain knowledge. The main advantage that adult students can get is that they can opt to schedule their online sessions and all assignments can be completed online. And, here goes the best part: if you can enrol to a certified online school, there’s a chance that you can graduate with an official diploma that you can use for greater career opportunities.  


Who says top students don’t need some outside learning help? Well, these keen learners are even more prompted to grow smart than ever. They would grasp all of the extra punches to gain the advanced educational facility they need. Online tutoring can provide them with up-to-date lessons that haven’t been taught in their traditional classes.   

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