2020 Spring Bras and Corsets Trend

This year’s spring fashion saw the comeback of the corsetry trend. Even though corsets were pretty common during a period in the past, they disappeared for a while. But now, as the trend of bringing fashion, trends, and cultures back is at the peak, corsets have also made their way back in.

Except for corsets, bras have also hit the hotlist this spring year. According to some fashion designers and influencers, we have been wearing bras all wrong. Once considered as an undergarment, bras are gradually becoming outerwear these days.

As we all know that fashion becomes a trend only when it is promoted and adorned by the famous artists of the fashion and film industry. The case is the same with corsets and bras.

The Kardashian family, in a way, brought the trend in wearing bras and tops. And we guess, designers got some inspiration and geared up in promoting this trend to the fullest.

Similarly, corsets were enjoyed by many fashionistas and artists this year. Some of them include Keke Palmer, Kylie Jenner, and many more.

Corsets are not a new fashion trend. They have been at work since 2019. Many celebrities wore corsets and their variations in the last year’s spring only.

Corsets were a hit in 2019 spring fashion runways as well. Many designers like Etro, Burberry, Dion Lee, and others showcased the garment with all enthusiasm in their shows. Seems like the designers and label brands took the trend seriously. They all have been working to bring out their best variation of the garment this year.

Just like the corsetry, bras have also made a hit this year. From office wear to street style and everything else, bras have become the fashion.

Corsets and bras both are now a wardrobe essential for every woman but in contrast to its original form, they are not common as lingerie but as outerwear.

Other than being in trend, corsets are an amazing clothing style. They give your curves or your abs a clean look. It is a must-try for every woman. It will bring out the best in you.

Let’s have a look at a few corsets and bras styles that are trending this spring year.


There are a lot of ways of wearing this trendy item. You can wear it under your clothes if you want just a shaping item or you can go with the bold look by wearing it over your tops and dresses. Here are some of the best ways to style your corsets-

●    Wear it over!

Wearing a corset over your dresses, tops, and other outfits are the trendiest options.

Source- Pinterest

In this picture, Kylie Jenner wore a corset over a basic white t-shirt dress and paired the look with long boots. Just look how classy and sexy the outfit looks. Plus, how can we ignore the fact that how beautifully the corset defines her waistline.


Add a beautiful corset belt over any of your tops and see the magic. It will enhance the grace of your outfit by accentuating your figure.

●    Put the leather game on!

Leather is in trend for many years now. From leather pants, purse, and jackets, everything leather looks lit. So, why not add a corset to this leather trend as well.

Source- Pinterest

This outfit pairs up a black leather corset with a black leather pant and doesn’t this looks stunning?

Source- Pinterest

All you need is a black leather jacket or a blazer and a black leather corset. Pair them up with a nice pair of matching pants and you are all set to rock your look for the day.

Source- Pinterest

Just adding a leather corset belt over your basic outfit can make it extraordinary!

●    What’s better than denim?

Denim has always been our favorite, isn’t it? You will fall in love with these denim corset looks and these will for sure make you want to own one!

Source- Pinterest

An overall denim look is nothing less than an eye-striking view. A denim corset top paired up with a denim jacket, blue basic denim pants, and a pair of brown shoes looks extremely trendy and sporty.


A denim corset top, rugged jeans, silver boots, and silver purse; what else do you need to slay the day?

Source- Pinterest

Just look how simple yet attractive this outfit looks. A simple laced up corset denim belt intensifies the grace of your basic outfit effortlessly.

●    The sheer look!

Sheer or lace corsets are also trending a lot these days. They look gorgeous and brings out the sexy in you. You can add a pair of sheer or lace corset to any outfit for any occasion, even to your wedding day dress.

Source- Pinterest

●    Embellished corsets!

In case you are looking for something less simple and more dramatic or heavy, go for some embellished corsets. These look sufficiently gorgeous in themselves.

Source- Pinterest


As we know by now that bras are the new tops, there are various styles you can try just like every other top wear. Here are some of the best looks-

●    Harness bra

Harness bras have been used as tops quite often by models and other celebrities. They not only look quirky and sexy but also give you a bolder look.

Source- Pinterest

●    Lace bra

Laces are a girl’s best friend and so is a lace bra. They look so graceful and sexy that you can’t take your eyes off it. Try to pair a lace bra or bralette with jeans and an overcoat and you will look undoubtedly stunning.

Source- Pinterest

●    Match it up!

Another style that rocked the trend this season was the matching cardigans with a bra. A bra matched with a cardigan looks nothing less than a top.

Source- Pinterest

●    Halter bra tops

Do you want a sexy look that suits all your moods? Wear a halter bra as a top over any bottom wear and you will look stunningly glamorous.

Source- Pinterest

●    Leather bras

Leather is our love and bras too. So, mix the two up and rock a leather bra as a top over your pants or skirts. It will give you a chic style bossy look that no one can ever match.

Source- Pinterest

●    Crochet bra

Crochet bras look adorable and can be paired with all your outfit styles. Especially, if you are looking for a chic style beach look crochet bra tops are your savior.

Source- Pinterest

  • Sports bra

Sports bra as a street style wear has been trending for many years. We have been wearing a sports bra to gyms and workout sessions but have you tried wearing one for an outing. It’s very comfortable and stylish and you are surely going to love it.

Source- Pinterest

●    Bra as office wear!

Who says that you can’t look fashionable in your office? Wear a bra as a top under your blazer. Pair it up with a trendy pair of pants and formal heels. You are going to look as bold as never before and fit for the professional day ahead.

Source- Pinterest


  • Bohemian style!

Are you a boho chic style wardrobe lover? If yes, then here this bra top style is going to be your favorite.

Boho style is our favorite as well, because of its unique style. It is as aesthetically beautiful as it can be. A Bohemian outfit is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe.

Pair a Bohemian print or boho style bra with your outfit and reflect the free soul you are!

Source- Pinterest

●    Shine through it!

We are sure that you know about how much in trend are the neon shades these days. Once used majorly in sportswear, neon shades gradually paced up in the street style, party wear, and even office wear as well. So, here’s how you can style a neon bra to give yourself a trendy chic look.

Source- Pinterest

Pair a neon color bra with any of the bottoms of your favorite wears like a casual white pant in the above picture. Go simple with it, fewer accessories more glam.

Source- Pinterest

If you are spending so much on a piece of the bra, then why hide it under your clothes. Let it shine out. It looks so quirky and unique, the way this model wore a neon pink bra over her outfit.

●    Show them off!

If you have got something worthy of showing off, then why stop. Go ahead and show your curves proudly with these plaited bustier bra tops. Wear them above short or long skirts or even denim and you go girl!

Source- Pinterest

●    The brand game!

Brands are labels that should be kept on display. We all have at moments felt that what’s the point of investing in an expensive branded bra if it’s only going to hide under your clothes. Wear a branded bralette with its brand name tapeline showing off from your clothes.

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